Saturday, January 28, 2012

Comment  stuck in "moderation" at Evolutionblog

Oparin was quite a big deal, sciencewise, during his time.  And he was hardly alone among the materialists in trying to shoehorn science into his ideological framework.  That's done quite frequently, when the ideology is materialism and, so,  atheism.  As opposed to the desire to impose religion on science, which would have to be blatant and explicit for it to get in, materialism has put quite a bit of its ideological spin into what gets called science, especially in the last century or so. Religion, in fact, hasn't been successfully inserted into science BECAUSE IT WOULD HAVE TO BE DONE NOTICEABLY TO SUCCEED. Many, probably most scientists and other people would not necessarily notice the ideological content of materialism being inserted into science, it isn't as noticeable but it is certainly done. And, in what I've noticed, it always replaces conjecture for evidence when it is done.  The anthropic principle, multiverse theory, abiogenesis, socio-biology and evo-psy, behaviorism (a very subtle example, the one I first noticed), and a number of other examples of materialist ideology creating "science" out of what they believe <i> must </i> be there, creating  a simulation of evidence where there is no evidence available.

As a matter of information, I am and have been a socialist my entire adult life and I believe Marx's critique of capitalism was a milestone in political theory, though, as Marx himself said of himself, I'm not a Marxist.  I'm not going to overlook the millions of murders committed under the Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, or any number of other officially atheist and anti-religious governments (many of those millions an atheist campaign against religion) any more than I will those under Naziism and fascism or under religious governments.  The American left got turned into an impotent political force when it allowed in people who were quite willing to deny and overlook those murders.  Corliss Lamont should be the poster boy of that faction.  The American left won't ever get anywhere until it faces up to that past and gets over its romantic ideas about materialism of all kinds.

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